Red Carpet Lounge 2 - compiled by DJ NOVA

10 years of peacelounge recordings continued


featuring rare and previously unreleased tracks by Alex B. Groove & Alison Degbe, Emanative, BoogieLab feat. Axel Kühn, Flamingo Star, Loopaland, Sudaka, Jazzistic and many more



+++German version+++


Hard to believe that it has been four (!) years since the release of Red Carpet Lounge (vol 1) – one of the most successful „digital only“ compilations by peacelounge to date. Others tried to copy the concept, but don’t be mistaken. There is only one RCL! This one also turned out to be one of the favorite releases of Yiannis Dorakis aka DJ Nova from Northern Greece, who has been a big peacelounge-supporter for several years now. So we decided to let him do the job of connecting the dots and putting together Red Carpet Lounge vol 2 which is more than the „sequel“ to RCL. Although it took more than a year to put it together, it is a personal „history of now“ by one sympathetic observer and passionate music man – sometimes surprising, but always enjoyable... PEACE!


DJ NOVA: „Peacelounge is a label known for their unique open-minded music style and choice of sounds. Their music catalogue includes some of the most amazing laid-back, exotic, jazzy, bossa nova, chill house, downtempo, and world grooves that I have ever heard. I discovered peacelounge when Prominence Recordings, their Greek distributor, sent me some of their releases (like Green Empathy, DAO and Flamingo Star) for feedback and radio airplay. That same year peacelounge went digital and I had the pleasure of receiving some of their first digital promos like the Ocean View compilations and the m.age.project, Under Pressure, and Intakt projects. The pure Brazilian sound and Spanish temperament of La Tirana, the downtempo ambient instrumentations of Hyusfall and one of the best compilations I have ever heard, the peacelounge beach club vol.2, released in 2009, made me feel that peacelounge was my new music homeland!


Red Carpet Lounge vol. 2 is a dream-come-true and the result of a long-lasting partnership between Christian Arndt and myself. It is put together with lots of love and great enthusiasm for the style of music that the label has been representing for the past ten years. Limiting my choice to only a few tracks from their back catalogue was a true challenge! Even harder was the selection from a long list of amazing upcoming & unreleased tracks, as well as some delicious sounds from other labels and artists. I feel that this compilation manages to give a taste of my favourite music styles like Nu Jazz, Chillout, Lounge, Chill.House, Downtempo, Brazillian, and Japenese electronic music. Peacelounge and I hope that you will enjoy our music selection and our broader music philosophy. During these difficult times, beautiful and seductive music becomes even more important as part of both the everyday routine and the unique moments that always stand out, day and night!“


Some TRACK NOTES by DJ NOVA & Christian Arndt:

Darren DuVall „Between The Streets“ This chillout groove was included in the debut release of the US label "Musical Missionary" (that EP was my fave of 2010) and it sounds like it was made to become the intro of a Red Carpet Lounge compilation | Dilek Taskin „Breeze Of Summer“ Hard to believe, but Dilek is really the first artist from Frankfurt on the Frankfurt-based label peacelounge. Her smoky contralto voice is as versatile as her musical style and we will hear more from her soon. | BoogieLab feat. Axel Kühn „Round Midnight“ Munich-based multiinstrumentalist Klaus Sperber and Grammy-nominated sax player Axel Kühn did an amazingly beautiful, ‚loungy’ version of the Monk classic. | Loopaland „From Rio“ & On Sunset (night mix) His deep minimal House/Lounge tracks are have been one of Switzerland’s best-kept secrets. Watch out for his debut album on peacelounge soon! | Emanative - When On Earth (Marc Rapson Remix): Nick Woodmansey and his project Emanative have redefined the sound of space jazz, ''Space'' was my fave album of 2009, and this Roy-Ayers-like remix by Marc Rapson is one of our (Chris’ & Yiannis’) fave tracks in recent years. | Alex B. Groove feat. Alison Degbe „Our Time“ is a seductive number fresh from the studio of Alex B. Groove, the Cologne-based DJ/musician/producer currently residing in Colombia, featuring the voice of Jazz Lounge Diva Alison Degbe who will be releasing her debut album in 2012 | Flamingo Star „Cosmic Plan“ It’s only a question of time that Gilles Peterson will fall in love with this soulful acid-jazzy song, a preview to Flamingo’s upcoming second album on peacelounge rec | Sudaka „Dubstate“ When I first heard Sudaka on „Jet City Lounge“ Webradio channel, I couldn’t believe that this project by Mono Morello from Buenos Aires was actually unsigned. So I signed him (Chris). After „Be“ (featured on Yiannis’ favorite „the peacelounge beach club vol 2“), we give you „Dubstate“, an unexpectedly bouncy, melodic Reggae-ish groove | m.age.project is one of the most productive peacelounge artists, and Balearic house music is but one of his specialties. Check his sunny track „Tidal Dreams“ | Hyusfall’s languorous widescreen soundscapes are often inspired by film and could well be move soundtracks. DJ Nova discovered the dark ambient groove „Rephlex“ on the second Hyusfall album About | Under Pressure feat. Janaina Lima „Ser So Seu“ (Under Pressure Club Mix) This exciting German-Brazilian collaboration is hopefully more than a one-off, the brand new Club Mix has not been released anywhere before. | Christos Kedras „Little Dark Spot (John Beltran Remix)“ Christos Kedras is one of my fave DJ/producers & friends, his afro-ntastic piano-driven track remixed by John Beltran is the missing link between nu jazz, afrobeat and house – simply magnificent (Yiannis), and Beltran’s music has been a major source of inspiration for over a decade (Chris) | Clyb Foster „Relaxing in Juan-les-Pins“ Whenever I listen to this laid-back track by Yann Lebreuilly and Christian Brun, I have to think of Jacques Tati’s legendary Monsieur Hulot films. (Chris) | BLAUWASSOCIATES feat. Lucyan Zäyn „Manila Bay Sketchbook“ It may come as a surprise to even our most avid listeners, but BA are really embodied by keyboard virtuoso and ‚space jazz’ composer Thomas Kessler who has been on the peacelounge roster almost since day one. | Fil-à-Fil „Jazzadelic“ is a fantastic, HipHop-flavoured downbeat track by Bremen-based band Fil-à-Fil, although you would think it’s coming straight out of Brooklyn or perhaps Notting Hill? | Jazzistic „Round Midnight“ is a hidden nu-jazz gem that I received as promo four years ago and having it in the compilation is like a dream for me. (Yannis) | Massa Takemoto „Out After Curfew“ One half of Japanese electronica project Echolocation (featured on Early Morning Breaks vol. 2 and 3 is Massa Takemoto. His solo track is a percussive House track that you will want to listen (and dance) to again and again | Marcelino Galan „Trane“ The man from La Coruña, Spain was not only responsible for one of the finest (if slightly underestimated) peacelounge releases, namely La Tirana, he is also active as a hip solo artist, and „Trane“ is the first track ever to be released from his upcoming third solo album.


After 94 Minutes and 25 seconds, the magic (red) carpet ride is over, but we at peacelounge are ready to embark upon a longer journey through the musical world of magical Lounge, Downbeat, Nu Jazz and House - and the music definitely sounds better with you...


Selected with love by DJ NOVA

Mastering: Mick von Oppen

Design: Peter Schönwandt

Executive Producer: Christian Arndt



First of all I want to thank Christian Arndt and the peacelounge family, especially Chong-Seung Yook, then my parents, sister, Tasos, Maria, Mihalis @ Rodon FM 95, Dimitris Tzaninis @ Prominence, Paolo Belli & Dario Raimondi @ Cool D:Vision, Yugo @ digestmusic, Emee Grant @ easymoods, Christos Kedras @ Kapa Music, Michael Donaldson @ 8DPROMO, Rena @ eXtreme, Alan Brown @ Soul Seduction, Giacomo Bondi @ GB Music, Max Guigeut @ Radio Nova, Stephanos @ Local, Dimitris @ Diatiriteo, Tasos @ Karagkiozis, all friends, listeners, connected people, labels, artists, promotional partners and distributors, and everyone else that I forgot to mention!





01.Darren Duvall - Between the Streets

02.Dilek Taskin - Breeze of Summer

03.Claus Sperber - Round Midnight

04.Loopaland - From Rio

05.Emanative - When On Earth (Mark Rapson Remix)

06.Flamingo Star - Cosmic Plan

07.Sudaka - Dubstate

08.M Age Project - Tidal Dreams (Hammrock Mix)

09.Hyusfall - Rephlex

10.Under Pressure - Ser So Seu (Club Mix)

11.Christos Kedras - Little Dark Spot (John Beltran Remix)

12.Clyb Forter - Relaxing In Juan-Les-Prins

13.Blauw Associates - Manila Bay Sketchbook

14.Flamingo Star - Cornelita

15.Fil à Fil - Jazzadelic

16.Jazzistic - Round Midnight

17.M Age Project - Moonbabe

18.Loopaland - On Sunset

19.Massa Takemoto - Out After Curfew

20.Marcelino Galan - Trane



Releasedate: 07. 10. 2011

Label: peacelounge recordings

Format: Digital

Labelcode: 11784

Catalogue No: peal 051

EAN: 4260044591209

Distribution: Zebralution (digital)