Weathertunes - Characters

Weathertunes do not play Trip Hop, Ambient, or "Ibiza Chillout". And yet fans of the aforementioned styles/genres will be delighted by the relaxed, occasionally even psychedelic downtempo pop of brothers Daniel and Roland Voss (aka Lemongrass, Orbis, genetic drugs &  jasmon). Café Del Mar-DJ Bruno likes the album and has played several tracks in his famous sun-sets this year.




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The project Weathertunes was born 3 years ago, the album CHARACTERS was organically grown in Daniel's and Roland's own Earth Link Studio in the northwestern part of Germany. Despite the relatively long period of time, the fifteen smoothly mixed tracks sound like the result of one long session: The vocal tracks "closer" and "this summer's fall" (voice: Daniel) seem to exude a vibrant atmosphere between lounge-feeling and the warmth of a campfire, and the warm, relaxing sound of "Taranta" feels like the acoustic equivalent of a seaside sundowner.
But Weathertunes have a few more aces up their sleeves: "driftwood" comes in the shape of a somewhat avantgardistic dub track, and the easy breakbeats in "space love", "local bridge" and "from the bottom" are reminiscent of the sheer elegance which characterizes the best Lemongrass tracks.
However, as Roland emphasizes, weathertunes is by no means a lemongrass "side project". Which becomes immediately obvious as you listen closely to the entire album. Its magic is based on the symbiotic relationship of two very different musical egos: the "big" brother Roland with over 20 years of experience as a jazz drummer and well over a decade of electronic music under his belt, and the "little" one, Daniel who grew up on a diet of punk, pop and classical music - they complement one another like two ends of the same rainbow (or make that a sine wave, if you please...).


  1. luna 2
  2. oui
  3. space love
  4. holidays
  5. closer
  6. driftwood
  7. taranta
  8. stand still
  9. local bridge
  10. from the bottom
  11. t.ears
  12. seven years
  13. closer (J-Mix)
  14. this summer´s fall
  15. weakness
  16. indian winter


Releasedate:  15/10/2001
Label: Peacelounge
Format: CD | Digital
Labelcode: LC 11784
Catalogue No: peal 004
EAN: 4260044590738
Distribution: AL!VE | Zebralution


Weathertunes - Characters

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