Under Pressure - The Works 1.0

‚Just Give Me The Works’: A Collection of Fine House, Nu Jazz and Latin Grooves

Of course, anyone who understands English will interpret „The Works“ as the (collected) pieces of a given artist/musician, a genre or an era. But we’d also like to point out the colloquial meaning of „the works“ meaning: the combination of all available components or condiments to adorn your pizza or sandwich ;-). 



german version


That being said, „the works“ should be „phat“, yet do not necessarily have to lead to obesity. Particularly if the works in question are creations of DJ Respecta und Paapi D who have been cooperating under the name UNDER PRESSURE since the year 2000. While Respecta’s musical socialization led from Soul, Dub, Reggae, Afro-Caribbean Music and early Hip Hop to Latin and Nu Jazz, Paapi D’s backgrond  was rooted deeply in Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, Electro, Downtempo and House. The Hannover-based DJs and producers have since divided their time between straightforward and deep House Grooves on the one hand and stylish Lounge und NuJazz tracks on the other. This proved to be a clever strategy as they have left their footprints all over a dozen of high quality ‚Lounge’ compilations, while at the same time aiming at the club charts and dance floors with their energetic House grooves.

The sunny instrumental tune „Bacaro“ seems to be a compiler’s favorite, and the same is true for the tracks „New Day“ and „Wanna Talk“ (featuring the voice of Malcolm X) – all these being tracks that you may well have enjoyed listening to in your favorite bar. For „Near The Ocean“, Under Pressure approached peacelounge recordings – now ‚their’ label and musical homebase – to facilitate a cooperation with Brazilian singer/songwriter Katia B. The result is „Near The Ocean“ a melancholic, yet very sexy Latin Lounge song that both parties can be very proud of. On The Works, you will find two very different mixes of this track: one Downtempo version and one percussive and uptempo „Brazil Mix“.

House music aficionados listening to The Works will listen with pleasure to „Slip Away“, an energetic tune with a distinct New York Flavour which landed U.P.  a Top-Ten position in the German Club Charts. They would have deserved the same for the incredibly groovey track „Hypnotized“ – its  Caribbean flair, a funky guitar und a sexy Space-Disco Vocal Hook. „At Night“ accelerates the tempo while our groove captains jettison any unnecessary sonic baggage. What remains is a deep, warm keyboard sound floating over an irresistibly driving beat. For „Night Spots“ Under Pressure move yet one level up, delivering the most clubby Track of this album, and this one also comes in two mixes: „Full vocal“ and in a barebone „Guitar in Dub“ Mix. Last, but not least, „Soul Spirits“ deserves special appreciation – this one is a ‚classic’ Piano House track with a soul-funky retro flavour. After exactly one hour and eleven Minutes, our „trip into deepness“ comes to an end – indeed a journey that can be pleasantly repeated at your leisure...

In the words of Under Pressure: “the peacelounge label represents deepness, different cultures, urban club music and the sympathy of culture clash. Under Pressure finally found a home for creative work and started working on their album.”

  1. Bacaro
  2. New Day
  3. Wanna Talk
  4. Near The Ocean (Original Mix)
  5. Near The Ocean (Brazil Mix)
  6. Hypnotized
  7. Fallin'
  8. At Night
  9. Soul Spirits
  10. Night Spots (Full Vocal)
  11. Night Spots (Guitar In Dub)
  12. Slip Away (UP 2007 Mix)

Releasedate: out now
Label: peacelounge recordings
Format: digital only
Labelcode: LC 11784
Catalogue No: peal 019
EAN: 4260044590714
Distribution: Zebralution (digital only)


Under Pressure - The Works 1.0

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