Dao - Soham

The latest signing on peacelounge is quite sensational and goes far beyond the passing fads of the so-called Asian Underground. DAO have been recording in India and Germany for several years, and some of their music has appeared on nearly a dozen quality compilations all around the world including Zen Connection 3 (Australia), Frequent Flyer: Bombay (USA) or Karma Culture (Germany), long before their own debut album has become a reality. But the result, [soham], is well worth the wait.


German version


The driving forces behind DAO are Nani T. and Chinmayo who do most of the songwriting and production. DAO songs owe their unique sparkle to their opulent arrangements and finely-crafted instrumentals. Electronic beats and live instruments are used with equal care, and the resulting music is definitely up there with bands like Dissidenten, Trans-Global Underground or Nitin Sahwney and will soon be on more quality compilations like Buddha Bar & Co.

Chinmayo and Nani record most instruments and vocals themselves, with an eclectic cast of guest musicians providing a constant stream of new ideas and inspirations, such as German jazzmen R. Lochmann and A. Bayer. But the magic of DAO's musical vision manifests itself halfway between Europe and India, where they operate a second studio. In Pune, near the mega music city Mumbai (also known as „Bollywood“ in the world of cinema), they record many of their songs and mantras together with Indian musicians, including the well-known Indian singer L. Mema and North-Indian flute player B. Rajkumar. All material is then arranged, edited and mastered at their own Offline Studio in Germany. In their own words, DAO stands for

*    Digital       Total freedom in the use of electronic sounds and loops
*    Authentic   high quality live instruments and vocals
*    Original     Meaningful lyrics, fascinating melodies and structures

  1. Had Gedam
  2. Prayer
  3. Soham
  4. Ishq
  5. A'Rap Al Arap
  6. Here & Now
  7. Xiong
  8. Moody Moon No.5
  9. Kamanche
  10. Bashira
  11. Holiday
  12. Salaam


Releasedate: out now
Label: peacelounge recordings
Format: CD | Digital
Labelcode: LC 11784
Catalogue No: peal 013
EAN: 4260044590080
Distribution: AL!VE | OUR | Zebralution


Dao - Soham

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