Shaun Elder, Jeffrey McFadden & Melanie Beale - Desert Blooms

Shaun Elder's compositions are made for relaxation, healing, and spiritual renewal. It takes its inspiration from nature -- including the human heart, which doesn't beat regularly like a machine. No metronomes, please! The music weaves together celtic, american folk, classical, jazz and blues influences to make a new sound, but one that is strangely familiar.


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Desert Blooms features internationally acclaimed classical guitarist Jeffrey McFadden and harpist Gillian Shaw. It paints a desert landscape that is haunted by horses, riders, and voices from the past.


The sound has a calming effect, and helps you to focus. The music takes you in, but leaves space for your own thoughts.


Artists and professionals tell us the music has helped them finish projects that have been lying around for months. We know of a CEO who put the disc in his office CD player over a year ago, and he’s still listening….

This is music to help you find your centre and realize your full potential — at work, in relationships, and in creative projects.


  1. Desert Blooms
  2. Daybreak
  3. A Morning Walk
  4. Outside Meditation
  5. Rain
  6. The Lookout
  7. Caballero
  8. Lazy Day
  9. Siesta
  10. Stepping Lightly
  11. The Cowboy
  12. The Rider
  13. Campfire
  14. Clouds at Sunset
  15. Slowly, Dance
  16. Late Night
  17. Desert Drum
  18. Eagle Soaring
  19. Desert Landscape


Releasedate: out now

Label: tonwert

Format: Digital

Labelcode: LC 11784

Catalogue No: towe 005

EAN: 4260044590431

Distribution: Zebralution (digital)


Jeffrey McFadden - Desert Blooms

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