The Peacelounge Beach Club Vol. 2

We are still amazed about the enormously positive feedback and great sales that our first volume of the peacelunge beach club enjoyed around the globe. This unexpected (yet not totally unwarranted ;-) success has encouraged us to pay even more attention to this form of (digital-only) release: much more than just another lounge/chillout compilation album, the peacelounge beach club vol 2 is a showcase for our label’s best and brightest, our long-established artists as well as the latest signings and rising stars.




After the success of the first volume, we’re reopening in the summer of 2009 with THE PEACELOUNGE BEACH CLUB VOL 2. This exclusive digital-only compilation features 15 fresh and sunny grooves, among them 8 (!) previously unreleased tracks.

„Bubbles“, the opening track for tpbc2, was composed and produced by Daniele Miglietta and his Black Zone Ensemble from Lecce, Italy. Daniele is a genius of lounge music, and we will be hearing more from BZE soon.
Our one and only Flamingo Star is working on his second album for peacelounge and meanwhile keeps surprising us with extremely smoove and funky grooves such as „Syncrostar“. Note how the poetic drone of an American beat poet converges with Flamingo’s warm, deep and funky groove. Flamingo will come back in a short while with „Since I Met You“ from his first album, remixed by his old musical buddy „Chameleon Prince Marshall“.

Next up is our recent signing m.age.project who is among the most productive peacelounge artists: Just barely a year ago we released his debut Intertwined from which we present you an easy-going house track called „D for the J“, and now he has already put the finishing touches on his second, more latin-influenced longplayer Mirador: check out „Rio Darro“ as a preview of upcoming attractions. Actually, m.age.project is featured three times on tpbc2, as he also did a great job remixing the wonderful track „Calimero“ by LA TIRANA (please check out their fantastic debut album  - just released a few weeks ago).

We have had a watchful eye on Gerrit van der Meer (aka Orbient) for a long time, and finally he is releasing his first tunes on peacelounge – „Solaris“ being the first of three tracks on his upcoming EP. Its somewhat „clunky“ groove contrasts beautifully with a fragile guitar, an ecstatic melody and the few well-placed vocal fragments.

New music is also coming from Intakt who is being featured with two tracks on our latest label compilation: While „Sud de la France“ is a simmering House groove from his album first contact 2.0, his latest creation „African Love“ is another piece of evidence for the incredible versatility of this Frankfurt-based one man band/project.

An old peacelounge-acquaintance is back with a new project: Thomas Kessler goes Tech-House with a tinge of Jazz under his alias Blauw Associates: „Canal Street Daisy“ is another previously unreleased track and its extremely ‚swingin’ groove will certainly make you tap your feet.

Another recent signing on peacelounge is Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist Frank Rudert aka Hyusfall (check out his eponymous debut mini-album, now available in all major digital shops). Hyusfall adds a slightly different electronic flavour to the label, somewhere in the area of Röyksopp or even Boards of Canada, while „Ephen“ is one of the „lighter“ tracks on his album.

David Corminboeuf aka Loopaland hails from Lausanne in the French speaking part of Switzerland. Perhaps the beauty of Lake Geneva and the proximity of the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival have both inspired this young musician to create his uniquely easy and soulful blend of jazz and electronica. Loopaland’s fantastic first track for peacelounge is called „As You Want“ and also features the sensual and seductive voice of Gil Anselme.

„Bacaro“ by Hannover-based duo Under Pressure is a compiler’s favorite for a reason. Its wonderful „balearic“ atmosphere will make you want to hop on the next plane out to Ibiza! No further comment necessary.

Mono Morello hails from Buenos Aires, Argentinia and yet he is not too much influenced by Tango music. In his „day job“ he composes for film and television, but „after work“ he mutates into Sudaka – an extremely creative producer of „lounge“ music in the best sense of the word.

The closing sounds of tbpc 2 are delivered by an artist who is one half of the first band ever to be signed on peacelounge: It all started with Weathertunes for Daniel Voss (together with his brother Roland), and meanwhile Daniel has established a name for himself with his solo project Green Empathy. „Moods“ is just that, a moody, melodic piece of dreamy chillout music. What could be better than to watch the sunset together with a special someone, an icecold drink and this sound...
Sit back, relax, listen and enjoy THE PEACELOUNGE BEACH CLUB vol 2!


Black Zone Ensemble - The Peacelounge Beach Club, Vol. 2

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