Kana - Entre Frères

Their single "Plantation" took (not only) the French Charts by assault. In the two following years it became the summer hit of the frankophon world with over 300.000 sold copies so far!  Since that the versatile Reggae Aficionados of KANA are about to bring fresh wind in of France music scene - in the vast field between Pop, Reggae and Ethno - where you can find colleagues such as Manu Chao and Sergent Garcia. 



The unusual story of success began in the year 1997.  At that time Kana´s voice Philippe Ripoll alias Zip, guitarist Arthur Romijn and trompet player Mathias Dessagne took their first flight to Mauritius and returned with seven Songs in the luggage.  "The core of our group knows itself already since playground days", recapitulates frontman Zip.  "Back in France we recruited four further musicians.  1999 we traveled again to the island in the Indian ocean to complete the first takes.".  At least on Mauritius you can find a veritable Reggae-Revolution  for some years now.  For the final mix of their debut album "Kana" Zip and Mathias travelled to Senegal. Having sold 350.000 Singles and also over 40.000 debut albums Kana changed the scenery again. For the sessions of the second album Entre Frères (between brothers) the band booked seven flights to Dakar, in order to record the complete album in the Xippi studio of Youssou N'Dour (where thier first hit "Plantation" had developed).  The Opener of Entre Frères is a new version of "Planatation". But also numbers like "Pas De Problèmes" and "L'Escargot" underline Kana´s love for Reggae.  All Songs are french again, but two Songs which were  sung in Manu Chaos´ favourite language.  And thus a significant stylistic opening is suggested:  beside Reggae Riddims and the Kora of a senegalese guest musician this time also Salsa Grooves ring out. With "Azucar kana" KANA are connecting Mauritius with Jamaica and Cuba on their second Longplayer.

  1. Plantation
  2. Pas de problèmes
  3. Entre frères
  4. L'escargot
  5. Pirogue
  6. Original
  7. http.com
  8. Tranquille
  9. L'héritage
  10. Azucar Kana
  11. Pourtant sur terre
  12. Blabla
  13. Dub est


Releasedate: out now
Label:  beatScience/Productions Spéciales
Format: CD
Labelcode: LC 11784
Catalogue No: beas 003
EAN: 4260044590165        
Distribution: AL!VE AG (G/A/S)