Jasmon - Gentle Flowers

Roland Voss is back! Jasmon is both his oldest and youngest brainchild: Based on his first experiments with world music & electronics in the late eighties, it took over a dozen year to develop into an unusual debut. The first impression: Smooth, relaxed and easy to digest.




But zooming further into Jasmon's organic musical structures, you will feel their hypnotic,often intoxicating effect. Questioned about his ethnic influences, Roland reluctantly comes forward with a vague idea of "caribbean-oriental". This description may sound paradoxical, but only indicates the broadness and freedom of his musical imagination. And when you come to think about it, some similarities are there: Both Oriental and Caribbean are "hot" cultures, and yet lack the hectic frenzy of Latin music. To cut a long story short: GENTLE FLOWERS is a first choice global treat to be enjoyed at any hour of the day. The album was first ireleased in Japan in a purely instrumental fashion. The European Version contains two additional tracks ("Goubahi" - feat. Djamel Laroussi und "Hanina" - feat. Mohammed Mounir) as well as impressive vocals by Alain Nkossi Konda (on "looming large" und "afrida").

GENTLE FLOWERS is best described as the "Missing Link" between Ambient, Pop und World Music for the 21. century.


Jasmon - Gentle Flowers

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