various artists: "cape town 2 a.m. approaching dawn"

CAPE TOWN 2 AM - APPROACHING DAWN yields a diverse selection of electronica, house, eclectic beats, rare grooves and break beats for a fine assortment of home-grown, down-tempo grooves from South Africa.



Delphi Affair, Felix Laband, Max Normal and Anti Hero re-surface on this fantastic new compilation, joined by a host of new producers and musicians such as Oto Plasma, Julian Furman, Nix, Café Malvern, Mind of a Shark, Shallow Deep, Beifus and E-Quad. Pops Mohamed, aka The Futurist, makes his debut on the label with "Ma Yeah", a track inspired by his time spent with the Khoisan. The inclusion of Louis Mhlanga - whose long time collaboration with Dutch Bass player Eric van der Western and dance outfit E-Quad yielded the eclectic, guitar-driven "An Other Man" - is another first for the label. Mhlanga¹s mesmerizing Shona lyrics and enticing voice make for a sexy fusion of cultures. Jazz guitarist Johnny Fourie collaborates with son Sean and producer Brendon Le Roux (The Original Evergreen) on Café Malvern for a slight touch of acid jazz.

CAPE TOWN 2 AM - APPROACHING DAWN is everything you want to hear at 2am anywhere in the world.

  1. Shallow Deep - White Sand
  2. Mind of a Shark - Boots
  3. Oto Plasma - Sea of Tranquility
  4. Anti Hero - Duststorm
  5. Max Normal - Space Invaders
  6. Felix Laband - My Sisters Pulse
  7. Julian Furman - Day of Dawns
  8. Aftertouch - Mystify
  9. Nix - Fallow
  10. Café Malvern - Café Malvern
  11. The Futurist - Ma Yeah
  12. E-Quad - An Other Man
  13. Beifus - Chemical Fire
  14. Delphi Affair - Can I Touch It
  15. Kaolin - Stranger


Releasedate: 26/04/2004
Label: Peacelounge
Format: CD
Labelcode: LC 11784
Catalogue No: peal 010
EAN: 4 015698 413427
Distribution: AL!VE AG