Various artists: popdeurope 3

Along with the festival itself, our popdeurope-compilation has grown into an ambitions, yet highly entertaining project: With the likes of Nitin Sawhney, Calexico, Shantel, !Deladap, Kana as well as Kaizers Orchestra, Camille, Roy Paci, Think of One and many other border-breaking acts, this album really attempts nothing less than presenting the state of Europe's avant-pop globalist music scene.



Anything goes - from Italian Ragga to Norwegian Folk-Alternative-Rock-Madness, mesmerising Balkan Beats blend with North African Hip Hop to form a Trans-European Party Arena. Recommended for open-minded oeople of all ages and tastes...

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  1. Toastmasters
  2. Zsa manca
  3. Noches en vela
  4. El nar
  5. El nar
  6. Au port
  7. Non ricordo piu
  9. Superreggae stereomambo
  10. Cha cha
  11. Coco medley
  12. Dunarea
  13. Parece mentira
  14. Auksjon
  15. Ici bxl
  16. Eye of the storm
  17. Showroom dummies (Live At The BBC - Short Version)
  18. Quattro (world drifts in) (Live At The Barbican London)