various artists: "LeTour - The Best in French Alternative Music"

The eclectic concept of LeTour - The Best In French Alternative Music is based on this monthly party event inaugurated in Munich in the year 2000.



The musical "Tour De France" was conceived by DJ/journalist/promoter Thomas Bohnet whose repertoire includes an impressive array of genres and decades: From the solid foundations of (Alternative) Rock and Pop he ventures out into 'cult' themes from the Sixties or the latest French House anthems as well as multicultural styles including Rap, Ska and Reggae, Raļ and Zouk. On a musical Tour De France, a crackling 'Oldie' may work just as well on the dancefloor as the latest stuff from the French Underground: Dutronc, Ferrer or Gainsbourg, Mickey 3d, Rachid Taha or Dionysos, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Biolay, Zebda or Noir Desir, Louise Attaque, Guesch Patti, Lio or Beruier Noir, Indochine, IAM or Rubin Steiner... etc LeTour - The Best In French Alternative Music brings together 15 recent "Tour de France" favourites by the likes of Zebda, Dionysos, Mickey 3d, Massilia Sound System, Rachid Taha, Vincent Delerm, Samia Farah, Rubin Steiner, Louise Attaque; N&SK and more.

Some of the songs are being released in Germany for the first time on this compilation!

  1. Dionysos - Coiffeur D'Oiseaux
  2. Mickey 3D - Respire
  3. Dominique A - En Secret
  4. Louise Attaque - J't'emmene au vent
  5. Les Hurlements D'Leo - La Der Des Der
  6. Zebda - Tomber La Chemise
  7. N&SK - Ca L'Fait
  8. Rachid Taha - Ya Rayah
  9. Samia Farah - Les Temps Difficiles
  10. Massilia Sound System - Toute Petite Danse
  11. Tiken Jah Fakoly - Y'En A Marre
  12. Rubin Steiner - Minellos (Part Two)
  13. Luke - Se Taire
  14. Vincent Delerm - Fanny Ardant Et Moi
  15. Die Aeronauten - Poupee De Cire, Poupee De Son


Releasedate: 22/03/2004
local records
Format: CD
Labelcode: LC 11784
Catalogue No: loc 002
EAN: 4 260044 590028
Distribution: AL!VE AG